How Titanium is used in Medicine and Dental Industry
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How Titanium is used in Medicine and Dental Industry

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Titanium is among the desirable metals that work wonderfully well for a range of functions in several different industries. Since it is a metal, one would think titanium is used for military, firearms, marine, automobile, aerospace, manufacturing and building. You would be right as these sectors are associated with titanium. Since all these industries are vital, there is always a need for quality titanium plate supplier.

The biggest of titanium’s popularity is its unique characteristics. Titanium has different behavior and has different properties compared to other metals. Its uniqueness enables it to do things what other elements can’t. Titanium’s favorable properties include corrosion resistance, flexibility, lightweight, strength, durability and bio compatibility. The last attribute mentioned makes it desirable for the dental and medical industry, and that is why it is regarded as life-saver.

Joint Replacement

Bio compatibility means that it is able to be fused to the bone without severe side effects, infection or reactions risks. The human body accepts the composition of titanium with ease. Whenever any kind of invasive surgery to have joints instilled needs understanding, probabilities are, the surgeons will utilize titanium bar for the essential replacements.

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Dental Implants

Similar to joint and bone replacement methods, titanium is heavily used for dental implants. The component of the implant that is inserted into the jawbone is titanium. Bio compatibility of titanium makes the implant readily acceptable to the human body and encourages the growth of bones. Resultant, the patient’s gums get strengthened, and the implant is stable and at low risk of discomfort, complications, and infection.


Titanium is available not just in the solid-state. It can be in a powdered form. Also, titanium bars being inserted in the body, titanium powder can be applied to human’s skin to get effective sunscreen. Titanium powder or titanium oxide) blocks the sun’s harmful UV to penetrate the skin.

3D Printing with Titanium

The success of 3D printing has made titanium a good fit for dental and medical industries to produce artificial joints, implants, crowns, plates, screws and prosthesis. It was imperative that the success of 3D printing technology would be combined with the lightness, durability and abrasive-resistance of titanium.

Some benefits yielded by titanium include:

Better Design Complexity

The use of titanium oxide creates a thickness of minimum 3-4 mm that allow for more detailed and complicated designs.

Quicker Turnaround time

Products manufactured through 3D printing using titanium usually takes a few hours to a few days for completion.

Wrap Up

Above mentioned applications and benefits entices the entrepreneur to be a titanium bar manufacturer. Health field always thrives on getting more solutions and treatments. That is why titanium is a hot commodity for the dental and medical industry.

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