How to Choose the Best Titanium Cup for Backpacking
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December 5, 2019
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How to Choose the Best Titanium Cup for Backpacking

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Camping and backpacking share a few things in common. If you have to pick one they share, it would be a titanium cup. Hiking mugs are produced for trial rigors. They are lightweight, durable and easy to be packed. To choose the best titanium cup supplier, to take with backpacking, you need to consider a few aspects.
Finding the right hiking mug or cup, which is lightweight and contain all the features, can be a difficult task. So, we are now looking at qualities to look for in the best backpacking mugs:

Cup Types
Cups for camping are not described through international regulation. It is quite interesting! Chalking out the difference between thermos, cup and mug is quite blurry, to be honest. To clear this confusion a little bit, we will try to design some definitions for you. Do not look at these definitions with the mirror of a hard and fast rule. Importantly what it boils down to is that camping mugs and backpacking can spread between various common kinds:
Thermos: It is a mug with high insulation structured to hold a massive amount of drinks, and it keeps the liquid cold or warm for a long time. Thermos is non-spill able.
Cup: It typically lacks a lid or a handle. It is non-insulated too.
Mug: Mug is a large cup that has a handle for warm drinks. It can be insulated and typically lacks a lid.
Tumbler: A large cup with insulation and lid.
You will find out that the hikers and almost every titanium bar manufacturer use broadly varying terms for those mentioned above.
Construction of Mug
Among all the features, insulation is the most luxurious characteristic. Insulated cups tend to be expensive. However, they keep drinks in it warmer and colder for a long span.
For articles like a thermos, better insulation is crucial. The best thermoses can keep liquid warm for hours thanks to excellent insulation.
Primarily, insulation is offered in two ways; foam insulation and vacuum insulation.
Foam Insulation
Foam is kept like a sandwich between layers of a mug.
Vacuum Insulation
A titanium cup supplier makes a cup which has a double-wall and a vacuum between the layers that saves the heat transfer.
Technically, insulation is quite efficient when done correctly. It is expensive as compared to foam insulation.
A few mugs have a double-wall construction in the absence of a vacuum that is slightly effective and quite expensive to manufacture.
A mug always has a handle. However, when we talk about hiking or camping cups, the rule gets slightly blurred.

titanium cup supplier

For camping mugs, handles would not add extra bulk or weight. If the cup is insulated, the handle is not necessary. If the mug is non-insulated, the handle is required to save hands from burning.
Multi-Use Mugs
When backpacking is involved, multi-purpose mugs should be preferred. Camping mug must be able to boil water for food as well as capable of making morning coffee for you.
Wrap Up
Choose a cup or mug that is suitable to be part of your cooking system alongside backpacking purpose.

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