Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Supplier in China

Shanghai Fuente Industry Co., Limited is a registered and quality wire mesh supplier in China. We have a fully stocked and state-of-the-art production area in Shanghai. Our superior metal products like titanium cup and titanium bar are manufactured for numerous mesh applications. The industries in which our products are provided include space industry, aviation, navigation, military industry, power engineering, medical service, environmental protection equipment, chemical industry, and construction industry. As a top-notch wire mesh supplier, we maintain a stock of titanium alloys and different metal products including titanium tube, wire, pipe fittings, flanges and forgings, fasteners, and titanium plate metal mesh etc. Our website is the perfect place for titanium specifications alongside practical applications. Our wire mesh is used for quite a few types of industrial applications. Among those applications, most important ones include to protect businesses and homes from invaders, keeping dangerous animals contained, and for filtering out hazardous materials. Mesh products always provide safety vibes to you. Our mesh products are used in food processing together with giving protection against sparks which could cause a fire. Our customers depend upon the reliability of our mesh items which we offer to them. That’s why we make sure that our metal mesh meets the requirements our customers want from us. Being a high-quality wire mesh supplier, we have developed a comprehensive Quality Control (QC) department. The department ensures that we avoid producing faulty products. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians inspect every item before it gets shipped for the confirmation that the order’s details are correct. Also, our products are subject to rigorous standards for quality control, together with strength. We are ISO9001: 2008 and AS9100 approved. We do not only cater to the demands of the local customers, but we also export our goods like titanium cup to more than 15 states including the USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa. We continuously receive positive and constructive feedback from them. Their response pushes us to mend our ways and improve our quality. As a reliable wire mesh supplier, Shanghai Fuente Industry Co., Limited is committed to providing high-quality service alongside top-quality products. We continuously renew our inventory to meet clients’ requirements. All the products are made in-house by us. We proclaim that we never miss the agreed lead time. For products details, visit our ‘products’ tab. So, if you need us kindly go to our ‘contact us’ section.